Our Work

Our Work

Learn about work groups that have been developed through the East Side Health and Well-Being Collaborative

Cultural Brokers

developed by the Mental Health + Stress Resilience Partnership

The Cultural Broker program was co-developed in 2016 in partnership with East Side Health and Wellbeing Collaborative. Cultural Brokers help bridge cultural gaps by translating and supporting people as they navigate schools, healthcare, and other mainstream systems to ultimately build self-sufficiency. Cultural brokers provide community members with critical information and essential resources to live healthy lives in their community.

East Side Table

East Side Table is comprised of 13 community organizations working together to make the preparation of meals at home easier for our neighbors and cultures. Through empowering individuals to improve food skills, awareness, and access to healthy foods, we can also improve the overall health and well-being of the East Side. 

Policy Work Committee

The purpose of the Policy Work Group is to build power among and within collaborative, partners, and community members to better engage with policies that affect the health and well-being of East Side residents. Work group activities in 2021 will focus on determining priorities and scope, forging new relationships with new and existing partners, creating opportunities, and supporting partners on policy issues, and offering trainings and other opportunities for enrichment.